Many back office tasks are integral to a company’s core business process. In order to outsource them, one must be able to trust that these tasks will be performed not just more efficiently or at a lower cost, but also with the same or even higher level of quality than they have been performed in-house. With longstanding experience in outsourcing back office services, excellent service quality and an outstanding track record, Runway has the means to meet all of these expectations. As a highly flexible nearshoring company that upholds a Scandinavian business mentality, operates in 15 languages and provides services from 9 offices across 6 European countries, Runway takes pride in being one of the leading nearshoring BPO service providers for businesses located in the Nordic region and companies that operate in any of the Scandinavian languages. Furthermore, Runway also upholds a largely client centered approach, which is based on the establishment of mutual trust, complete process transparency and development of tailor made services that best fit each of their clients’ needs and requirements. Over the past 13 years, Runway has collaborated with numerous companies and provided a wide range of back office services, most of which are still being provided today.


  • Accountancy & bookkeeping
  • Data collection & processing
  • Revenue Management & Protection
  • Marketing
  • Crew Planning
  • Incoming/outgoing invoice processing & management
  • Customer service related back office tasks
  • Call center related back office tasks
  • Airline company back office tasks


Runway strives to provide outsourcing services on a partner-to-partner basis, which is why building mutual trust is of crucial importance for a successful collaboration, as it enables both parties to focus on doing the best job possible, while being assured that the other is doing exactly the same. Needles to say, making sure that all services are of the highest quality is a top priority for Runway, which is why transparency and quality monitoring are essential elements of the Runway business approach, incorporated into virtually all provided outsourcing services. The company can also provide real-time data access, which enables Runway clients to be fully informed about their business processes at all times. This is of crucial importance to many companies, especially if the outsourced back office services are part of the client’s core business processes.


In order to meet the expectations set by their clients, Runway places a strong emphasis on recruitment as well as specific skills and language training program development. With regards to recruitment of back office service teams, Runway requires all of their employees to have a formal education related to the tasks performed. Furthermore, their qualification and language proficiency are tested using competency based interviews and language tests. As for the training programs, over the years Runway has acquired extensive experience in training program development. The company has even developed an in-house training department called the Runway Academy that provides outstanding training programs, which enable Runway employees to acquire the skills, enabling them to switch tasks and departments without having to attend special courses outside work. This allows Runway to attain lower attrition rates and increase employee long-term loyalty. Additionally, Runway also upholds a “train the trainer” approach, meaning that the training programs developed in collaboration with a client also prepare a designated trainer, who can then independently train any additional employees that join the client’s service team at a later point in time.


As a BPO service provider servicing various clients and handling data with different degrees of sensitivity, Runway upholds strict data protection and service maintenance standards that enable the company to handle sensitive data in accordance with strict data protection and processing requirements set by the client as well as international data protection laws. With regards to the platforms used, Runway is also a highly flexible BPO company, capable of working with any platform of the client’s choosing. As an alternative, Runway also has the means to perform an analysis of a client’s current business processes and recommend platforms or software that will best meet the client’s requirements. On top of that, Runway has also acquired vast experience in using many well known third-party platforms.